Bearly Digital

We are a inter-disciplinary team of young professionals working as designers, developers and consultants to build digital products and solutions for our clients.

Our job is to integrate into your existing business & help you reach your goals using digital tools and solutions as fast and as sustainable as possible.

Digital Product Development,

The Bearly Digital team is experienced in building a multitude of digital products. From mobile to web apps and backend-solutions for established businesses, we work to deliver sustainable applications that can be scaled and maintained as fast as possible.

Startups: We’ve worked with several startups to establish an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of their business idea that can be extended & build upon after validating their core concepts. By following agile methods and keeping our clients business constraints in mind, we deliver well formed initial products as fast a possible. We are experienced in working with bootstrapped, seed-funded & grant-funded startups.

Gaming: Since our founding in 2019, Software as a Service & online distribution have been a core part of Bearly’s DNA. In working with small & upcoming game-hosting companies to develop custom in-house software for managing and running game- and chat-servers, we’ve been able to leverage our past experience in these fields. Contact us for references

Business Internals: Our team can also work on business internal tools and projects. We develop internal backends, applications and solutions to enable your team to do their work more efficiently. By using industry-standard tools we ensure that our work is maintainable and can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Contact us for references

eCommerce Solution Design

At Bearly Digital, we view online shops and stores as their own products. That way, we deliver value to our clients and their businesses that goes well beyond what any “digitized catalogue” could achieve. We pride ourselves on building eCommerce solutions that scale from a few dozen to multiple hundred products without much effort on our clients ends and accompany and support them throughout the life-cycle of their eCommerce applications.

Merch and Fanshops: One of our specialties at Bearly Digital is to implement eCommerce applications for small to medium sized creators with sizeable online followings. By building on top of industry standard solutions like WooCommerce and extending and customizing them to our clients needs, we can give them tools & opportunities that are otherwise reserved for large enterprises.

If you’re a digital content creator looking to sell Merchandise in your own eCommerce shop, Contact us to find out more

& Web Development

Our team also has strong ties to designers, marketers and SEO professionals who can, by joining forces with our own, internal design & development team, help your business to stand out on the web. Contact us for more details regarding your website & project